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The fee compression issues isn’t all that bad

In 1993, I wanted a Hewlett Packard LaserJet printer. They were all black and white printers in thos...


The big problem with an ancillary line of business

As a plan provider, it makes sense to create an ancillary line of business if it’s a natural carry...


The problem with policies

Most 401(k) plans have an investment policy statement to serve as a blueprint on how and why investm...


Don’t gamble for a DOL audit

The last two times I was in Las Vegas, I didn’t gamble a penny. I didn’t gamble because I hate t...


Competition is good for wrestling

The worst thing that ever happened to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was when they bought their...


Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

For many years, my wife didn’t want to join Costco because she thought that overshopping was genet...


Fiduciary Liability Insurance and Plan Reviews are worth it

The warranty in the electronics business is gravy for the retailers who sell it. You’ll be surpris...


Watch that you don’t get overpaid

I don’t believe in coincidence and when something happens twice, it’s a cause for concern. Withi...


Ow You don’t know everything

I am proud to say that I learn something new every day, whether it’s retirement plan related or so...


The worthless J.D. Power surveys

I’m going to say something and that means J.D. Power will never sponsor one of my events, but thos...