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DOL probing Fidelity

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the Department of Labor (DOL), is looking at an ...


ConAgra lawsuit shows problems with being a fiduciary

A former participant of ConAgra’s 401(k) plan filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging they f...


Fidelity lawsuit and the ERISA litigators will always be watching

Fidelity is being sued again, this time regarding payments made by mutual funds to the Fidelity Fund...


That 401(k) Conference hit LA

On February 22nd, Dodger Stadium was the venue for the 4th edition of That 401(k) Conference and the...


More issues with hardship distributions

Now that hardship rules are changing in 2019 with the elimination of the six-month deferral suspensi...

In God We Trust

Trust in this business does take time

Suppose someone you never met before comes up to you and asks whether they can stay at your house or...


The lessons I learned from LinkedIn

One of the greatest tools in building my practice and enlarging my social media footprint in the ret...


What Were They Thinking #60 Gerber Singles: Baby Food for Adults

When you have two toddlers that are born within 15 months as I did, you spend a lot of time in the s...


Get that bond

It’s an easy requirement that many plan sponsors think they’ve accomplished, but they haven’t ...


The Belichick story

I’m a fan of Bill Belichick, probably because he was the defensive mastermind of my New York Giant...