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Plan Design is a big deal

Chess is not a game that I ever played a lot or was ever good at it, but it’s a fascinating game b...


Bill Buckner, R.I.P.

I was saddened to learn of the death of baseball great Bill Buckner from a form of dementia. I met B...


Why most MEPs never take off

With the SECURE Act passed by the House and some form of legislation being expected to be passed by ...


Investment education is about a process

Advisors ask me all the time of the role of education in participant-directed 401(k) plans. Particip...


Ary’s Pick’em

When it comes to entertainment, there are some choices to make on what was better, so this is my two...


Cheers: one of the greatest shows ever

With my own practice, I do have little time to watch anything. It’s usually some wrestling, baseba...


The drawback on consolidation

There has been tremendous consolidation in the retirement plan marketplace, especially in the last c...


The House passes the SECURE Act, but hold your horses

The House of Representatives easily passed the SECURE act, which has significant changes to retireme...


DOL sets up new fiduciary rule for December

The Department of Labor (DOL) will propose a new fiduciary rule in December, which will set off anot...


Cut through the fiduciary advertising and make sure you get what you were promised

Advertising is a great medium and it’s a medium that could often be confusing to the consumer. So ...