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That 401(k) Virtual Conference 6 hits September 25th

With travel still a no-no for most of us, it’s going to be virtual events for a while. As we get c...


Lawsuits against plan providers and sponsors are only allegations at first

It seems like every week, there is another major lawsuit against a plan sponsor and one of their ser...


If you have ESG, look to your IPS

It seems everything is political. I believe the purposes of Environmental, Social, and Governance (E...


Gambling against an audit is a bad bet

I love Las Vegas and the last two times I was there; I didn’t gamble a nickel. I hate gambling bec...


Don’t let grudges get in the way of doing right

I always joke that I get rid of old grudges to make way for new ones. Recently, an advisor asked abo...


You still need to do your job

Our world has been turned upside down by COVID. Even with me, I had to put all my live conferences o...


Avoid the No-Win Situation

Captain Kirk didn’t believe in the no-win situation, he learned the hard way in Star Trek II: Wrat...


Participants more attentive thanks to fee disclosure

When fee disclosure regulations came into being by the Department of Labor (DOL) in 2012, so many de...


Check credentials

Whenever I hear about someone getting caught with lying about their resume or credentials, I am alwa...


It Might Be You

Before starting my law firm, I had made many different employer changes over the years to the point ...