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If you want it, ask for it

When I was a kid, I’d be passive-aggressive in the sense that I wouldn’t let people know how ups...


Just because they say they’re good, doesn’t make it so

If people pass on enough incorrect information out there, you start to believe it. When I worked at ...


The good old days for advisors are gone

In the good old days of participant-directed 401(k) plans, a good chunk of financial advisors did ve...


Know why you hired them

As a plan sponsor, you have a fiduciary duty to hire competent plan providers to handle your 401(k) ...


Sometimes, the litigators want a piece of you

Many years ago, I represented a defined benefit plan sponsor being investigated by the Department of...


More annuities in plans is a pause for concern

A growing number of U.S. employers are adding lifetime income solutions to their defined contributio...


IRS offers guidance on uncashed checks, but not really

In a recent revenue ruling, the IRS stated that if a participant or a beneficiary doesn’t cash a d...


The problem with target date funds

  I wasn’t a fan of target-date funds when the markets crashed in 2008 because there was no c...


If you’re late with deferrals, it will probably happen again

People who are late are usually late most of the time. I’m usually always early for a meeting unle...


You’re still using too much paper

  I used to use a lot of paper in my law practice. Then I had 10 feet of water in my office aft...