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Don’t discount offering participants at least an education

Advisors ask me all the time of the role of education in participant-directed 401(k) plans. Particip...


Don’t pick a provider just because it’s popular/big

When picking a retirement plan provider whether it’s a third party administrator (TPA) or financia...


Keep Those Beneficiary Information On File and Updated

As a plan sponsor, it should be obvious that you need to keep all beneficiary forms on file and make...


Empathy goes a long way

When I started my law firm about 8 years ago, I had already had a marketing guru who was handling my...


Matrix sued over Vantage Benefits

If you’ve learned anything from me, just realize that anyone can be sued for anything. All you nee...


You see how large 401(k) providers can treat their employees

I love Clint Eastwood movies and one favorite is “In The Line of Fire’.  John Malkovich is play...


It’s a changed and less profitable world for financial advisors

In the good old days of participant-directed 401(k) plans, a good chunk of financial advisors did ve...


Ary’s Gems#2: Fletch

My favorite movie of all-time, but Fletch, the 1985 comedy classic starring Chevy Chase comes in sec...


Pick up the phone

I always say one of the main reasons that a provider gets fired is when the plan sponsor feels that ...


The New Fiduciary Rule is Dead, Jim

In a move that should shock no one, the Department of Labor (DOL) pretty much left the fiduciary rul...