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The Thing about Payroll Provider TPAs

Last week, I published on my annual article regarding payroll provider third party admin...


Let Former Employees Roll Their Money Out

One of the rules I live by is that I believe that you should never let someone who dislikes you be i...


When trust is gone, turn out the lights

I’ve gone back into collecting sports cards because I need hobbies these days since I’m no longe...


States still moving ahead with auto IRA plans, but why?

Despite the fact that Congress helped kill the exemption of state run automatic IRA programs from ER...


My Problem With Target Date Funds

When it comes to consumer products and food products, we have stringent labeling requirements. Produ...


What Were They Thinking #21 Blockbuster doesn’t but Netflix

When I was in the first and second grade, my family carpooled with another family for our private da...


Avoid The One Who Came From Thin

In my community, there was someone who lived there for 20 years and really did nothing for the commu...


Network TV is devoid of new ideas

There are just so many great shows available on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, AMC, and then there is...


The New Fiduciary Rule will go into effect… for now

I really need a scorecard to determine the status of the Department of Labor’s new fiduciary rule ...


Credentials and awards could just be a paid smokescreen

A Long Island business newspaper once named my old law firm’s administrator as its Chief Financial...