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Location of your plan provider isn’t an issue these days

I’m the guy who will travel to a Target further from my home because the Target in Farmingdale is ...


It might be you

Prior to starting my own law firm, I had made many different employer changes over the years to the ...


What Were The Thinking #38 The Jackson Victory Tour Changes The New England Patriots Forever

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have won 5 Super Bowls for Robert Kraft’s New England Patriots and th...


IRS announces 2018 retirement plan limits

As 2017 nears its end, we already have the retirement plan limits set for 2008 by the Internal Reven...


No Deferral Cap, But Let’s Not Celebrate

The Republicans in the House of Representatives unveiled their tax reform plan and there includes no...


Did Vantage Take Advantage?

Well over a week ago, I got the startling news that the FBI closed down the office of Vantage Benefi...


Watch for any Potential Conflicts of Interest

It’s amazing sometimes how people are blind to conflicts of interest that are as clear as die. In ...


Massachusetts proposes a MEP and why it’s a bad idea

After Vermont decided to proceed with sponsoring an open multiple employer plan (MEP), legislation p...


Jackie The Jokeman doesn’t Bow to Stern or attack him for 300 pages

I’ve been a Howard Stern fan since 1983 with his afternoon drive on WNBC. So I’ve been a fan whe...