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GLOW is great

Yes, I’ll admit it: I watched the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). GLOW didn’t exactly have ...


Pushing Automatic Enrollment is good for business

When I was at college, I was very involved politically. Someone I met my freshman year at Stony Broo...


Fine with eliminating State Exemption for Plans, but what about MEPs

I was never in favor of allowing individual states running retirement plans for employers that didn...


Dunkirk is a heck of a movie

Most Americans probably think that World War II started on December 7, 1941, forgetting the fact tha...


Getting into trouble with the DOL and the IRS maybe just bad luck

As an ERISA attorney for almost 19 years, I have seen a lot of strange things that plan sponsors hav...


Stressing Value is a better proposition than stressing cost

Retirement plan providers need to look at their fees and determine what work they are doing for thei...


Marvel Shows How You Can Make A Deal

In the late 1990’s Marvel was a publicly traded company where their shares were $3-4. They had rec...


EBSA means business

When I started my own practice in 2010, some critics said I was selling fear because of issues I had...


My long running issue against self directed brokerage accounts

I used to joke that the only clients that used to ask about self directed brokerage accounts were me...


The Overselling of Services and they will find out

For a long time, I didn’t like to go to the dentist. It would be 4 years between cleanings and it ...