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I avoid it when it doesn’t look right, you should too

I live in an unincorporated village on the south shore of Nassau County and the elected Board of Edu...


Sometimes, change is anyone’s guess

An advisor asked me a very interesting question that had me thinking: since a good chunk of what an ...


The DOL Rolls Over, Fiduciary Rule Effectively Dead

The Department of Labor (DOL) said it’s not going to pursue enforcement actions against investment...


Yesterday’s plan participants in today’s world

When I first started in the 401(k) business, investment selection by participants was still being pr...


That 401(k) Conference is all about value

That 401(k) Conference is that 401(k) financial advisor conference that came out from my idea about ...


Bruno Sammartino, R.I.P

I know that professional wrestling isn’t real, but it’s supposed to look real and one of the gre...


The Fiduciary That Buys The Groceries

When the great Bill Parcells was the head coach of the New England Patriots, he got into a tiff with...


When it comes to theft, the fiduciary vs. settlor function debate is meaningless

A friend of mine called me up a few weeks back and was telling me a story how he had a debate with J...


Graff Calls For DOL E-Delivery Change and I Love It

I used to love paper until I had a 5-foot flood in the downstairs of my home during Hurricane Sandy....


When The Fiduciary Warranty is Dangerous

I don’t pull any punches, so I have certainly written many articles about plan providers issuing s...