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One metric about financial advisors that you should consider

When gauging the effectiveness of the retirement plan’s financial advisor, one thing that 401(k) p...


Amazon didn’t kill Toys “R” Us, Toys “R” Us did

It’s funny to hear so many people I know lament the impending death of Toys ‘R” Us, but how ma...


Fifth Circuit decision doesn’t bury Fiduciary Rule

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the Labor Department’s fiduciary rule, overturning ...


Another Vantage Case, South Carolina style

Knight’s Companies, a septic tank, trucking and concrete block business in sued Vantage Benefits a...


Why would you be affiliated with that?

As discussed in my newest book, “The Greatest 401(k) Book Sequel Ever”, I’m still amazed at my...


Auto Enrollment is going up

When automatic enrollment was first introduced, it was introduced as a negative election and I thoug...


Vantage defaults in first case decision

It didn’t take long for the first decision in a lawsuit against vantage Benefits and its owners wh...


Don’t be cheap when it comes to your retirement plan

As I have stated so many times, I don’t want to hire employees because I was an employee once too....

90th Academy Awards - Oscars Show - Hollywood, California, U.S., 04/03/2018 - Host Jimmy Kimmel. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The problem with the Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel did another great job hosting the Academy Awards, but the show was beset with predictab...


Another Vantage lawsuit with an advisor twist

A great scene is in GoodFellas is when Jimmy chastises Henry for getting arrested because he allowed...