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Oregon opens up small business plan for individuals

Oregon announced that their OregonSaves retirement program will now allow individuals, such as self-...


Vanguard to offer HSAs, interest will be increased

As I’ve been saying for a while, advisors need to offer health savings accounts (HSAs) to the plan...


That 401(k) Conference to hit Atlanta in April

I’m proud to announce that That 401(k) Conference will be held in Atlanta at SunTrust Park on Frid...


That Sal The Stockbroker Event

The idea of That 401(k) Conference is based on creating memorable events and it probably can trace i...


They will remember what you do for them, good and bad

The retirement plan business is a relationship-driven business and I learned from the best in the re...


The need to avoid the old mistakes of Open MEPs

As we await the Department of Labor’s (DOL) guidance pursuant to President Trump’s executive ord...


Make sure participant records are secure

Being a plan sponsor is difficult because you’re a plan fiduciary which requires the highest duty ...


The boogeyman of MEPs

When they’re always talking about multiple employer plans (MEPs) and the tribulations with that 20...


That 401(k) Conference hits Philly

The third edition of That 401(k) Conference was held at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on Friday...


Be Real

When my grandmother was going in for surgery to remove the tumor on her Pancreas, I told my grandmot...