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My biggest pet peeve on networking

One of the great joys of my practice is networking with other plan providers. I enjoy meeting people...


The MEP isn’t the end all, be all

I have been hearing a lot from advisors and plan providers about multiple employer plans (MEPs) with...


Pick a marketing/PR firm that understand what you do

There is a running joke from my wife where she tells me that despite 13 years of marriage, she still...


Deadpool 2 is almost as good as the original

I’ve been a big fan of comic books since I was a kid and have enjoyed the last 16 years (since the...


Those University Lawsuits are like shooting fish in a barrel

There have been around 20 class action lawsuits filed against universities for high cost 401(k) and ...


When The Fiduciary Warranty is Dangerous

I don’t pull any punches, so I have certainly written many articles about plan providers issuing s...


The Value and Peril of Flat Fee Billing

I know a thing or two about the virtues of flat fee billing, have done my legal work on the scale wh...


Advisors can’t care about fiduciary duty and recommend bad TPAs

When the cheaters were caught cheating at a game of blackjack, Sam “Ace” Rothstein wanted to mak...


There is no such thing as an Assembly Line Retirement Plan

Henry T. Ford is considered the father or the pioneer of the modern day assembly line of manufacturi...


Infinity War is a must see

There are a few film franchises that stand the test of time such as Star Wars and James Bond. Yet wi...