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Be Careful Who You Attack On The Way Up

I worked at a number of places in the 11 years before I started my own law firm practice and I will ...


“Experience” means lots of things

I always talk about how plan sponsors need to work with experienced financial advisors, third party ...


Don’t gyp employees on retirement plans

As I’ve stated before, I wouldn’t hire employees because I was an employee once too. That pretty...


Welcoming the New Client

As you know, I’ve been a member of a few Synagogues because I’m a wandering Jew and the thing I...


What Were They Thinking #23 Sony loses on Betamax in the videotape format war

The funny thing about technology is that even if you have the best technology out there, it doesn’...


Just because I’m a rabid fan, doesn’t mean I have to hate other teams

I’m a big time Mets fan and I’m not ashamed to say it even though it’s been some few bright sp...


You Get What You Pay For

A few years ago, we were hired by a company to assist them on an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audi...


What is the Chamber smoking?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has published a report highlighting the negative effects the new fiduci...


What Were They Thinking #22 Michael Cimino sinks a Studio

The 1970s in movies was celebrating the directors who came on the scene. It started with Peter Bogda...


Communication is key when dealing with your client

I have been an ERISA attorney for almost 19 years now and it’s gone by pretty quickly. I have work...