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Pick a Provider That Is Ahead of The Curve

When it comes to plan sponsors in choosing providers for their retirement plan, I think one rule of ...


Hagler-Hearns is still the greatest fight ever

Every time there is a mega fight like a Mayweather or Pacquaio fight, I always think of what I still...


Should Your 401(k) Plan Go Safe Harbor?

December 1 is pretty quickly going to be upon us, which reminds me that I have some notices to send ...

Change ahead sign

Don’t Let Them Change You

When I started my own National ERISA/ retirement plan law practice more than 7 years ago, it wasn’...


I am the silent Larry David

Curb Your Enthusiasm returned for its 9th season after a six-year hiatus. Next to Dallas and Seinfel...


Using Funds From Only One Family Is An Awful Idea

You must know about the shoemakers’ children and how they go barefoot and have no shoes. In the re...


You Might Be The Plan Provider That They Don’t Need Right Now

When it comes to Super Hero movies, the best by far is The Dark Knight. It was a gripping drama with...


What Were They Thinking #35 20th Century Fox gives it all away to George Lucas

The British crew on the set thought the movie was disaster. The studio didn’t think much of it and...

Bobby Heenan

Credit: Courtesy WWE

Bobby Heenan was the greatest manager in history

The passing of Bobby The Brain Heenan came as no surprise to anyone who followed his cancer diagnosi...


No joke: Gucci sued for “expensive” 401(k) plan

When I think of Gucci, I think of a high priced brand. Coincidentally or not, they are being accused...