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Duke University settles their 403(b) lawsuit

Over the last 35 years, Duke University has had a championship basketball team on the court. In anot...


The end of the determination letter program and what it means

For the past 15 years, it’s been apparent that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wanted to be out...


Always think outside of the box to add to your practice

I’ve probably said enough about the time that I came up with the crazy idea of having Sal The Stoc...


Settlements should encourage vigilance

While 2018 may have had less 401(k) litigation than the previous year, there was more than $90 milli...


That student loan match

The private letter ruling that allowed a certain 401(k) plan to allow the employer to make payments ...


403(b) defendants are on a roll

Georgetown University is now the 5th university that has won its case after being sued by plan parti...


LA is the place to be on February 22nd

There are a lot of 401(k) conferences, but there are very few memorable 401(k) conferences.   W...


New Year’s Resolution should be a plan review

You know it’s all about New Year’s Resolutions when Target gets rid of the Christmas items and s...


Do Your Job

When I was at law school, I lived in a graduate dorm room and the walls were paper thin. So my next ...


The problem with creating MEPs

I have been involved with the multiple employer plan (MEP) business for about 14 years now ever sinc...