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The XFL 2.0, why it may work this time

The original XFL is considered one of the great failures in sports history, having folded after one ...


The one list of TPAs that plan sponsors should ignore

What’s the best hamburger out there? There is a burger fad out there with so many expanding chain ...


More News About Vantage

Since the FBI closed down Vantage Benefits on November 1, we haven’t heard much.   Here is an...


Plan sponsors need to Google Their TPA’s Principals

I believe in the idea of redemption, that people who make mistakes can atone for them. Maybe that ex...


The Monday Night Wars actually hurt pro wrestling in the long run

I’ve been a pro wrestling fan since about the time I’ve been 10. I claim that it’s because it...


Fidelity charging for Vanguard assets, why so surprised?

Starting this year, Fidelity will charge all new 401(k) clients a 5 basis point (0.05%) fee on parti...


Original Kindle Book Discounted

In another attempt at building excitement for my next book, Amazon is temporarily discounting the or...


The problem of being passive-aggressive with employees

I always say the two worst things you can give people are false praise and false hope. One of the r...


Complacency can kill your business

Complacency can kill a retirement plan provider and their business. Complacency is a two-fold, bein...


Second Kindle book will be coming

In a shameless act of self promotion, I would like to announce that I’m working on a new Kindle Bo...