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The De-Conversion Process is an eye opener

More than 20 years ago, I was the Executive Editor of my law school’s news magazine. In one of my ...


DOL on verge of issuing MEP guidance

Six years since the Department of Labor (DOL) advisory opinion that required commonality between ado...


The Problem with 3(16)

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the proliferation of companies offering ERISA §3(16) services...


Details those hardship requests

When I draw up a new 401(k) plan for a client, I tend to be liberal in distribution provisions by al...


The problem with NASCAR

Martin Truex Jr. is the defending champion and his team is being disbanded. Jimmie Johnson is a seve...


My Problem With Networking Events

I used to attend a lot more networking events when I first started my law firm when I had very littl...


The problem with nepotism

When you have a family run business, nepotism is in a strong possibility when the children get invol...


Don’t panic if a provider you knows gets sued, but….

  As a plan sponsor, you’re always going to run into another plan provider that is interested...


Don’t let the best employees be low in the pecking order

I’m a big fan of Survivor since day one. One of the more memorable seasons in the beginning was th...


Own Up To Your Mistakes

Years ago, I had to hire an out of town collection law firm to collect a debt from a client. The cli...