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What Were They Thinking #4?: Islanders discover “fishsticks”

When it comes to iconic sports logos and uniforms, you think of the New York Yankees, Montreal Canad...


Some TPA Humor

I worked 9 years working as an ERISA attorney for a couple of third party administrators (TPA) and I...


Social media and word of mouth aren’t mutually exclusive

I’m a big fan of social media because I’ve seen the magic in works in being an essential compone...


Being a Plan Sponsor is all about the Process

Imagine a diet where it doesn’t matter how much weight you lost. Imagine a golf game that wasn’t...


Favorite Super Bowl memory: Wide-Right

This will be the 51st edition of the Super Bowl and I’ve had the luxury of seeing about the last 3...


The Partial Termination is the plan termination you don’t see

Plan terminations require a resolution to terminate and the full vesting of employer continuation fo...


The Quick and The Dead

Like Dr. Barbay said in the Rodney Dangerfield classic, there are two types of people in business: ...


Elizabeth Warren polls big 401(k) firms on the fiduciary

With many hoping that President Donald Trump especially some of the larger 401(k) players in the mar...


Wave the department stores a long goodbye

With the problems affecting Sears, Macys, and Neiman-Marcus with poor sales and store closings, it...


Always Do The Right Thing

You could always lament in your life about the decisions you made or the decisions you should have m...