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State run MEPs: Why So Serious?

The Department of Labor (DOL) allowing individual states to run IRA programs and eventually, 401(k) ...


Need a new plan? You know where I’ll be on December 31st

I hate doing things at the last minute. I took and passed three different state bar exams in three s...


Advisers trim down list of recommended providers

According to the latest Cogent Reports study from Market Strategies International, financial adviser...


Communicating with Millennials on 401(k) Plans

Schwab conducted a survey where 61 percent of millennial women and 44 percent of millennial men feel...


Good Marketing Can’t Mask Poor Customer Service

I’ve always been vocal about the need for a service provider to have good marketing if they re...


Don’t be passive-aggressive with employees

I always say the two worst things you can give people are false praise and false hope. One of the re...


The problem with late deferrals

While working as an ERISA attorney with a national practice (cough, cough), it’s clear to me t...


Small Plans Love Safe Harbor 401(k)

An Employee Fiduciary study of 2,767 small business 401(k) plans for which the firm provides ERISA c...


Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X was a great show

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X is history and when looking back on 33 seasons, it’s certainly one...


Rogue One Proves One Thing: The original Prequels weren’t very good

I used to say that the reason why the prequel Star Wars film weren’t as good as the first Star War...