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The TPA Asset Based Fee is a dinosaur

I have a good friend of mine that I’ve known for the last 18 years and he’s one of the m...


Avoid the leadership vacuum

For any presidential campaign, there usually is an ad about which candidate would you trust to handl...


The Unintended Consequences of the Fiduciary Rule #4: Grandma won’t have a broker

Aside from my wife and children, my favorite person of all time was my maternal grandmother Rose. Sh...


We have an education cost crisis

When people talk about the next financial bubble, everyone points out to a brewing student loan cris...


Death Doesn’t Make Them Great

I’ll probably sound like a jerk for saying this, but the Larry David inside of me wants to mak...


The Fiduciary Rule isn’t the 11th Plague, you can predict that

I’ve heard so many negative things about the impact that the fiduciary rule will have on the retir...


It’s time to look at your books of business

Broker-dealers are certainly in a bind to comply with the new Fiduciary Rule and one aspect is sendi...


Furnish those documents to Plan Participants or Pay Through The Nose

Plan sponsors should understand that under ERISA, plan participants are entitled to certain disclosu...


Safe harbor notices due December 1

It’s the second week of November, but it’s a friendly reminder that if you offer a safe ...


Forfeitures can be a compliance headache

Defined contribution plans such as 401(k) plans have a forfeiture provision if there are contributio...