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IRS Proposes changes to QNECs and QMACs

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has proposed amendments to the definitions of qualified matching ...


A rumor won’t kill the Fiduciary Rule

A few weeks back a broker told me that he heard that the fiduciary rule was going to be killed becau...


Apples and Oranges: Rollovers, Qualified Plans, and The Best Interest Exemption

One of the wrinkles of the new fiduciary rule is the requirement of a financial advisor who wants to...


DOL puts out another Fiduciary FAQ

With an April 2017 deadline fast approaching, the Department of Labor (DOL) issues another frequentl...


Interview: Bruce Johnston, Delaware Investments and Two Dog Social, LLC

Without social media, I’d be an unhappy associate attorney at some law firm. Retirement plan provi...


Don’t blame the 401(k)

I’ve seen the articles that pop up about how 401(k) plans are somehow to blame for the lack of ret...


Walter O’Malley was no villain; he was a genius

I grew up in Brooklyn and I was born 15 years too late for the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Brooklyn Dodger...


Beware of plan providers bearing gifts

When it comes to selecting and retaining plan providers, what you have to do as a plan sponsor is to...


The big winner for the Fiduciary Rule

There are certainly going to be lots of losers when the fiduciary rule gets implemented and there is...


401(k) Financial Advisors have been getting better, but there is still room to grow

When I started in this business many moons ago, most financial advisors were not aware of their role...