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Introducing Thrive

Thanks to guidance on a particular 401(k) plan to allow matching contributions in a 401(k) plans to ...


Make sure you can actually sponsor that plan

It’s an odd mistake, but this is the third time I’ve had to handle it in the last 10 years: repr...


The Don’ts of LinkedIn

I think LinkedIn is one of the greatest tools out there that can be used to effectively grow your pl...


That 401(k) Conference has Atlanta outing

That 401(k) Conference, the fun regional 401(k) advisor event hosted an Atlanta event at SunTrust Pa...


The problem with flying

Now that my kids are older and realizing that I need to be out there to meet plan providers around t...


That 401(k) National Conference, Where Fun Meets 401(k)

The idea behind That 401(k) Conference was to start fun 401(k) advisor events around the country wit...


That 401(k) Conference To Hit Cleveland

That 401(k) Conference will emanate from Progressive Field in Cleveland on Friday, September 20, 201...


The thing about 401(k) legislation

People have asked me about the possibility of new laws pertaining to multiple employer plans (MEPs) ...


Just realize it’s a relationship driven business

For 9 years working for third-party administrators (TPAs), I never worked a day without Richard Laur...


Don’t abuse it if it’s free

I thought that the best way to develop relationships with plan providers around the country and get ...