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The big winner for the Fiduciary Rule

There are certainly going to be lots of losers when the fiduciary rule gets implemented and there is...


401(k) Financial Advisors have been getting better, but there is still room to grow

When I started in this business many moons ago, most financial advisors were not aware of their role...


Jimmy Snuka Dead and why I can’t say R.I.P.

When I started watching pro wrestling in 1983, the country was divided among regional promotions and...


Check those plan provider credentials

Whenever I hear about someone getting caught with lying about their resume or credentials, I am alwa...


What Makes A Great Bagel is Not The Water

There are so many old wives tales that drive me nuts because there is absolutely nothing true to the...


Automatic enrollment is growing in 401(k) plans

The Plan Sponsor Council of America’s newest annual report shows that in 2015, 25.5% of small 401(...


The Beauty of ERISA 3(38) ERISA Fiduciaries

One of the most positive developments in the retirement plan business is the ERISA 3(38) fiduciary. ...


ILJ-Gate: 20 years later

When you look at your life, you sometimes reflect on a defining moment that shaped it. I’ve had on...


Interview: Chad Azara, Professional Capital Services

Chad Azara is one of the stars of the retirement plan business and is one of the great resources for...


My problem with watching college sports

I’ve never been a big fan of college sports and probably never will. It’s probably because none ...