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The Quick and The Dead

Like Dr. Barbay said in the Rodney Dangerfield classic, there are two types of people in business: ...


Elizabeth Warren polls big 401(k) firms on the fiduciary

With many hoping that President Donald Trump especially some of the larger 401(k) players in the mar...


Wave the department stores a long goodbye

With the problems affecting Sears, Macys, and Neiman-Marcus with poor sales and store closings, it...


Always Do The Right Thing

You could always lament in your life about the decisions you made or the decisions you should have m...


Interview: Mike Webb, Cammack Retirement Group

Retirement plan providers need to stand out to get notice and one retirement provider through one of...


Make Sure Your Plan Design isn’t inefficient

When you start fixing up the house and replacing appliances or items like the front door or the roof...


Don’t speak badly about your team

Who we are is shaped by what we’ve been through. Who I am is shaped by 44 years of different exper...


What Were They Thinking #3?: Killing off Bobby Ewing

If you ask me for my favorite movie of all-time, it’s always Airplane! since I’ve been 9. If you...


Keeping up appearances

They always say that you should never judge a book by its cover, I agree every time I look in the mi...


Not meeting client expectations

I always say that the worst thing you can do for people is give them false praise and false hope. I ...