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LPL Up For Sale? Do We Think Why?

According to anonymous sources speaking to Reuters, LPL Financial is exploring strategic alternative...


About 35 Proprietary Fund Lawsuits

There are at least 35 lawsuits against plan providers using in-house mutual funds in their own 401(k...


State Run IRA Programs Can Actually Be An Opportunity for Plan Providers

A few states including California are going into the retirement business. While ordinarily competiti...


Merill’s End of Commission IRAs is going to be a game changer

In a move that will shake the broker-dealer and retirement plan industries, Merill Lynch’s decided...


Run-DMC are Cultural Icons

I shop a lot at for Mitchell & Ness jerseys, Mets gear, and Clippers gear. Fanatics...


The Problem With Top-Heavy Administration

If you know about a thing or two about plan administration, you know about the top-heavy rules. The ...


NYC announced plan for a 401(k) MEP

New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer announced a three-pronged solution to expand retirement ...


You Won’t See This Again #2: Another Airport Movie

The 1970s are known for lots of things like disco, polyester, stagflation, Watergate, and disaster m...


You Make The Mistake, You Eat The Fee

10 years ago, I was at a law firm and helped draft an amendment to a multiemployer pension plan that...


The Unintended Consequences of The Fiduciary Rule #2: It won’t roll over, it will stay put

When you’re a fiduciary, you have the highest duty of care in law and equity. Your financial needs...