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Some Brokers Will Leave, But Not Like What They’re Saying

Experts saying how many brokers are going to leave the retirement plan business reminds me of the ra...


The thing about bullying

This month is apparently Bullying Prevention Month and I just need to put my two cents out there. Bu...


The problem with the BIC

The biggest hallmark for the new Fiduciary Rule is the best interest contract exemption and the need...


Complying with The Fiduciary Rule is feeling your way around

I am a huge fan of the Airplane! and Naked Gun films of the Zucker Brothers. Not to be crass, but a ...

Florence Henderson as Carol Brady and Robert Reed as Mike Brady in the Brady Brunch episode, "Getting Davy Jones." Original air date, December 10, 1971. Season 3, episode 12.  Image is a screen grab. Copyright ©1971 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Credit: CBS Photo Archive.

The IRS Voluntary Compliance Program Is Like Your Parents

As a child, you’re usually told by your parents that they just want to hear the truth and that...


The reason for the Fiduciary Rule

There was a recent conference (thanks for the invite) where they had a roundtable about why the new ...


Who is the biggest 401(k) Recordkeeper and what really matters

A few weeks back, I wrote an article about 401(k) hustlers you should watch out for and I mentioned ...


South Park is still great

When I started my final year of education at Boston University School of Law for my tax LLM degree, ...


Your Emails Shouldn’t Be Like Hotel California

I write a lot because social media gets my name out there at a much lower cost than hiring a public ...


Interview: Ross Marino, Rekon Intelligence

When I started my own practice in 2010, one of my goals was to help financial advisors with their pr...