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You Won’t See This Again #1: Battle of the Network Stars

This is going to be the first in a series of articles regarding pop culture moments that you won’t...


Caddyshack II is the worst sequel of all-time

It’s hard to believe but I didn’t have cable in my Brooklyn home until 1989. So until that time,...

Plan Sponsors are Seeking ERISA Fiduciary Services

When I was in law school at American University and we moved into a new building (20 years later, th...


The Problem With Choice in 401(k) Plans

In life, giving people a wide variety of choices is a good thing. However, when it comes to daily va...


Plan Providers Should Embrace Automatic Enrollment

T. Rowe Price just released a study that show that 401(k) plans with an automatic enrollment feature...


Big Fish and Service Provider Lawsuits

It seems like every week, there is another major lawsuit against a plan sponsor and one of their ser...


401(k) Litigation Overkill?

The landscape for the retirement plan business has radically changed since when I first started in 1...