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The Value and Worthlessness of Baseball Cards

The Menodza Line in baseball is a batting average of .200 and it’s named after Seattle Mariners Sh...


The Sky Will Not Fall Because Of The Fiduciary Rule

You’ve heard people screaming up and down about the fiduciary rule. They just had someone screamin...


How to fix Law School

I enjoyed law school as much as I enjoyed the preparation for my colonoscopy, it was that good. My t...


$300,000 401(k) Plan Sued* (Note Asterisk)

A Florida optometry practice with a 401(k) plan with only $300,000 in assets is the latest plan to b...


Clients are Happy With Their Advisors, But That Can’t Stop You

“Fidelity’s 2015 Plan Sponsor Attitudes Survey,” disclosed the satisfaction level of plan spon...


The Howard Stern Show Isn’t The Same and Neither Are You

People can be harsh. After the first season of The Sopranos, you would hear people say how the show ...


Retirement Plans Should Fit Like A Glove

Johnnie Cochran should have been an ERISA attorney. The man who claimed: “if it doesn’t fit, you...


An Ode To The ReplaceMets

Being a Mets fan isn’t easy, it’s usually a 1-2 year period of good baseball followed by about s...


The Laurita Rules for 401(k) Plan Providers

Once upon a time in the 401(k) world, I knew a man named Richard A. Laurita. I worked with Rich (as ...


Interview: Chuck Hammond, The 401(k) Study Group

A big part of my practice as an ERISA attorney is helping out financial advisors around the country ...