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Plan Design Features That Crimp Retirement Savings

The Government Accounting Office (GAO) took a look at 80 401(k) plans and concentrated on the featur...


The downside of social media

Social media is an amazing thing except when it isn’t. It’s a great way to share informa...


Glad to miss another Black Friday

Until I was married, I never went out on Black Friday. My wife loves Black Friday and she likes the ...


You easily lose clients by not caring about them

When it comes to my area, Conservative Jewish synagogues aren’t doing well. The demographics o...


Plan Providers Shouldn’t Copy Xerox

When I was a kid, everyone called a copy a Xerox because they were the leaders of photocopiers. I re...


Dear Plan Sponsors, it’s about Reasonableness

Thanks to fee disclosure regulation and litigation against plan sponsors, plan sponsors are focusing...


Don’t sponsor literature tables if it won’t bring you business

The camp my daughter goes to is a fine camp except I can’t stand the people running it because...


Interview: James Holland, MillenniuM Investment and Retirement Advisors

I met James Holland pretty soon after I started my own law firm through the discussion groups on Lin...


The problems with the 401(k) Match Game

If you’re an employee and your employer matches your salary deferrals through a matching contr...


Commission Trails Like Layers of an Onion

One of the most interesting aspects of dealing with the Fiduciary Rule is commissions. When a regist...