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Burger Joint Popping Up, Means One Thing: Future Burger Glut

When my son was a toddler, his place was McDonalds. The my son discovered Five Guys, Smashburger, Bu...


Fiduciary Rule will clear out the Alphabet Soup of Share Classes

When it comes to mutual funds offered under 401(k) plans, I’ve always believed that the multiple s...


Plan Sponsors Sued Over Fees on Multiple Plans and Vendors

In a very novel retirement fee lawsuit, a plan sponsor is being sued over the cost of multiple plans...


2016 was brutal when it came to celebrity deaths

Here’s a sad fact: like people, celebrities die too. So every year, and awards show will have the ...


Advisors should appreciate Plan Design

In sports and in business, you are only as good as the team that you are on. I have been on some goo...


What Were They Thinking? #1: The Sanford Arms

Could you ever imagine them continuing Mork and Mindy as a TV series if they lost Mork and Mindy? Yo...


Interview: Sean Ruehl,

Providing investment advice to plan participants is something I recommend to plan sponsors. For thos...


Plan Sponsors Should Watch Before They Cut Retirement Benefits

As I have stated so many times before, I am loath to hire employees because I was an employee once t...


Let it go

One thing I’ve learned over time is not to bottle up anger. Ever since I was a kid, I was passive-...


Cable TV is dead

Cable television may not be dead yet, but it will sooner or later. It’s been dying for years espec...