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Another issue with The Fiduciary Rule is what else it covers it

When you read the ingredients on a food item package, you’ll often be shocked as to what’...


ERISA 404(c) lineup are a much bigger headache

When I first started in the business in 1998, daily valued, participant 401(k) plans were starting t...


Wells Fargo sued over their proprietary target date funds

Thanks to litigation, we will probably see one day where a mutual fund company will no longer offer ...


Be Humble

So my son loves to go to baseball card shows and when I think of my younger days when my father woul...


Why I’m still wary of Target Date Funds

I’m an ERISA attorney and I handle my own investments, so I’m certainly no financial exp...


Good marketing goes a long way

When I started my own law practice in April 2010, my public relations guru was able to procure an ar...


Book Review: Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive, and Destiny

As a Jewish kid growing up from Brooklyn, I certainly didn’t get into NASCAR. It reminds me of...


Interview: Louis Harvey, Dalbar

I believe when it comes to retirement plan sponsors and plan providers, information and education ar...


Coverage is always the biggest problem

When you look at the problems of retirement plans, one that gets short shrift is coverage and that i...


Face facts: Retirement Plan Sponsors Only Seek Help When They Need It

When I was at that semi-prestigious law firm many moons ago, I developed this plan review called the...