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The Concern of TPA Referrals Made By Advisors

A friend of mine and I were talking about a financial advisor that we knew that had a big book of 40...


You Know 3(38) is a big thing when a big provider plays ball

You knew the Atkins diet craze was a big thing when a company liked Kraft started offering a low car...


You Are Replaceable

I was reading a great book on the 1981 PATCO air controllers strike and President Reagan’s dec...


You Won’t See This Again #3: Real Competition for the WWE

I have been a wrestling fan since 1983; so don’t judge me. While it’s pre-determined, it’s a g...


DOL Fiduciary Rule Delay, Don’t Count on It

There are some rumors about a delay in the Department of Labor Fiduciary Tule expected to go into ef...


The Legend of Fred

When your practice is successful as a retirement plan provider, you’re going to want to hire p...


Interview: Mike Alfred, BrightScope

I met Mike and Ryan Alfred when they first started Brightscope and right out of the gates, I knew th...


Sometimes it’s about control

As a retirement plan provider, you meet a potential client and you just do so well in the meeting th...


There is only one common thread about bad 401(k)

I always say one of the beauties of retirement plans is not one is alike. They are like snow flakes ...


Meeting Client Expectations Even If You’re A Super Lawyer

A few weeks back and I was waiting at the train platform and I met a former client of mine from my l...