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The Legend of Fred

When your practice is successful as a retirement plan provider, you’re going to want to hire p...


Interview: Mike Alfred, BrightScope

I met Mike and Ryan Alfred when they first started Brightscope and right out of the gates, I knew th...


Sometimes it’s about control

As a retirement plan provider, you meet a potential client and you just do so well in the meeting th...


There is only one common thread about bad 401(k)

I always say one of the beauties of retirement plans is not one is alike. They are like snow flakes ...


Meeting Client Expectations Even If You’re A Super Lawyer

A few weeks back and I was waiting at the train platform and I met a former client of mine from my l...


Saying Everyone Is Doing It Is No Excuse

A big part of my practice is assisting financial advisors, third party administration (TPA) firms, a...


Too much TV, too little time

I remember at the turn of this Millennium and how I found this red flyer about something called Netf...

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5b _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Avoid the Walter Principle

Since I’m a big fan of business and human interactions, I’d love to throw out another ma...


Some Brokers Will Leave, But Not Like What They’re Saying

Experts saying how many brokers are going to leave the retirement plan business reminds me of the ra...


The thing about bullying

This month is apparently Bullying Prevention Month and I just need to put my two cents out there. Bu...