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Trump makes his DOL pick

President-elect Donald Trump has formally named Andy Puzder as his choice to be the next Secretary o...


The 2016 baseball card box that will set you back $23,000

When I was in high school, I remember going with my friend Gary Liebowitz tracking down the baseball...


The worst sports viewing experience of all

There are very few teams I hate, any team from Philadelphia and the New York Islanders. Actually, I ...


The Problem with SEPs and Simples

On of the fallouts with the new fiduciary rule is how broker-dealers deal with SEP-IRAs and Simple-I...


They’re not your Clients if they don’t pay you

A few years back, I had this great third party administration (TPA) client. They were my first clien...


The Luck of the Draw

As an ERISA attorney for 18 years, I have seen a lot of strange things that plan sponsor have done t...


Interview: Dan Venturi, 401(k) Reboot

The retirement plan industry has been undergoing a tremendous amount of change over the past 5-10 ye...


Robo-Advisors, Technology, and Older Participants

In that forgettable yet memorable year as a synagogue Vice President, I had to deal with an older me...


Oregon taps Ascensus for its 401(k) MEP

The Oregon Retirement Savings Plan, which is a state run 401(k) multiple employer plan with a July 2...


You Won’t See This Again #4: A New Network Daytime Soap Opera

In 1970, there were 19 network daytime soap operas on the air. In 2016, they are only 4 left (Genera...