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Face facts: Retirement Plan Sponsors Only Seek Help When They Need It

When I was at that semi-prestigious law firm many moons ago, I developed this plan review called the...


Rollovers are going to be a rough business

I have been saying all along that rollovers are going to be a very rough and difficult business afte...


Experts say Trump won’t delay or kill Fiduciary Rule

Experts claim that a President Donald Trump is likely to let the new Fiduciary Rule go into effect i...


That 401(k) Guy attends a Wrestling Convention

I’ve been a pro wrestling fan for the last 30+ years and I have to be honest, I never had a re...


It’s all about engaging with people

When you figure I’ve been a member of a handful of Synagogues in my lifetime, you might call m...


The worthlessness of most Sports Autographs

I collect sports memorabilia and I get to meet many athletes in these meet and greet events. The gre...


Interview: Jon Freye, Xponential Growth Solutions

I’m a big fan of providers trying to educate financial advisors and plan sponsors about the ins an...


Plan Fees Have Been Getting Lower

NEPC, LLC published the results of its 11th Annual NEPC Defined Contribution Plan and Fee Survey. Da...


The TPA Asset Based Fee is a dinosaur

I have a good friend of mine that I’ve known for the last 18 years and he’s one of the m...


Avoid the leadership vacuum

For any presidential campaign, there usually is an ad about which candidate would you trust to handl...