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Brokers need to educate themselves for the New Day in April

All the broker dealers are spending millions in legal fees to comply with the new Fiduciary Rule. I ...


The IPS could be an actual problem

The investment policy statement (IPS) is one of the most important documents that a participant dire...


The perils of too much choice in participant directed plans

One of the claims in those class action 403(b) lawsuits against universities is a claim that it is a...


Interview: Alvin Rapp, RPG Consultants

About 8 years ago, I was invited by a Manhattan stockbroker to speak at a plan sponsor event and mor...


Call the ERISA Attorney Before It’s Too Late

Besides bagels, pastrami, and cheesecake, New York is really well known for good medical care. So I ...


If you’re focusing on the tie, you’re not doing your job

Before I graduated law school, I had a penchant for some really loud ties, I had ties from the Flint...


Cubs-Indians World Series was one for the ages

The World Series that pitted the Chicago Cubs against the Cleveland Indians will be remembered as on...


You Know Jack

Working for organizations whether it was companies I worked for or for outside activity organization...


Plan Fees Have Been Getting Lower

NEPC, LLC published the results of its 11th Annual NEPC Defined Contribution Plan and Fee Survey. Da...


Pity the Cleveland Browns

There have been some pretty awful sports franchises in sports history, yet making fun of an inept fr...