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The problem with offering stock in 401(k) plans

Wells Fargo was fined $185 million for creating fake bank accounts for customers to meet quotas for ...


What the Campaign Can Tell You About Marketing Your Practice

Before we start this out of the gate: this isn’t about the actual positions of the candidates ...


President Trump and The Fiduciary Rule

While everyone is trying to get used to the term President-Elect Donald J. Trump, anyone remotely co...


States’ Plans doesn’t mean they’re coming for yours

Thanks to Department of Labor guidance that allows states to get in the retirement plan business and...


You don’t have to join the race to zero

When I started in the retirement plan business, the third party administrator (TPA) related law firm...


The 401(k) Guy’s random riffs on sports

The idea behind The 401(k) Guy is based on Bill Simmons, who was The Sports Guy at ESPN and grantlan...


Brokers need to educate themselves for the New Day in April

All the broker dealers are spending millions in legal fees to comply with the new Fiduciary Rule. I ...


The IPS could be an actual problem

The investment policy statement (IPS) is one of the most important documents that a participant dire...


The perils of too much choice in participant directed plans

One of the claims in those class action 403(b) lawsuits against universities is a claim that it is a...


Interview: Alvin Rapp, RPG Consultants

About 8 years ago, I was invited by a Manhattan stockbroker to speak at a plan sponsor event and mor...